It all started when...

Two friends decided they wanted to work together on something sweet.... Okay enough cheese. Jill here from Sweet Creations Texas, I wanted to share with you a little about who we are. Kelsie and I created Sweet Creations Texas in the summer of 2016. We both are very creative people and wanted to put our passion into something we love, and that is baking. For me I started baking at a young age with my mom and dad. For Kelsie she started baking in more recent years, but the girl has mad skills you would think she has been doing it forever! Our favorite thing to bake is cookies and we think cookies are the key to all success (hehe). Cookies aren't just for parties or wedding. Cookies could literally be used for anything. Want to ask a pretty girl to prom? Ask with cookies. Going on a trip? Blog with cookies. Want to turn in your two weeks notice? Give them a cookie and soften the blow! See you can use cookies for everything!

We are located in Rosenberg/Richmond, Texas and operate under the Texas Cottage Law. This means we bake in a kitchen not inspected by any health inspector. We are happy to live in a state that allows to run a business out of our houses.