This is guide to give you an idea on how much an order may cost. Ultimately you will need to email to get a quote for the design you want. The biggest factor that plays into the price is the amount of detail you want. 

Cookies By the Dozen

Standard Size Cookie (3 inches - 5 inches)** - Starts at $36.00 a dozen

Mini Size Cookies (1 inch- 2.5 inches)**- Starts at $18 a dozen with a minimum order of 2 dozen.

**Cookie sizes range due to the cookie cutters we get. 


The Perfect Gift Set:

  • Option 1: 1 dozen cookies customized to your theme. It will be packaged in a box and tied with a ribbon and bow. A gift tag is added and can include a message for the recipient of the gift. $40
  • Option 2: 1 1/2- 2 dozen mini cookies in a mason jar tied with a ribbon. Due to the varying size of the cookie cutters we cannot give a standard amount of cookies for the jar. Starting price $35

Perfect Party Package:

  • 1 dz standard cookies and 2 dz mini cookies- $75


  • Option 1: 1 dz standard cookies in bags tied with ribbon- $37.50
  • Option 2: 2 dz mini cookie split into clear bags 2-3 per bag then tied with ribbon-$37.50
    • With tags- $40

Other Packages:

If you do not see a package here that works for what you need please email us and we will work with you on creating the perfect package for your event or party. 

**IMPORTANT** Prices listed above include: 5 colors of icing per dozen or per 2 dozen for mini cookies and 1 box. We reserve the right  to charge more if the design requested has more detail. The quote we email is the final price.

Additional Cost:

  • Extra Colors- $1.00 per dozen
  • Metallic colors- Gold, Silver, and Rose Gold $2.00 Per Dozen (this is hand painted and takes more time)